Best Tablet Under 100 - Asus Zenpad Z170C

ASUS ZenPad Z170C

I'm really excited about the ASUS Z170C, it will come in four vibrant colors so you can choose the color that suits your personality. It's sleek and stylish, a 7-inch tablet at an incredibly affordable price. The ASUS Z170C sets itself apart from its competitors; it's incredibly light only 265 grams (0.6 pounds) and it's… Read More

New Amazon Fire 7″ 2015

Hey guys today we're taking a look at the new Amazon Fire Tablet for 2015. This is the 7", $50 version. I'm actually really excited about this thing because when it was announced I was thinking back to when I used to buy really cheap electronics that simply could not mimic the performance of the… Read More

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite - best tablet under 100.jpg

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite

Let me start by saying that this is easily the best tablet we've ever reviewed. It's a Samsung Galaxy Tab for crying out loud and they somehow got the price down below $100. This is the lite version, so a few things were sacrificed to lower that price tag. However the software and for the… Read More

NeuTab N7 Pro - best tablet under 100

NeuTab N7 Pro

Here's another tablet that runs android. It's an off-brand model but it's very new to the market so it qualifies for a review due to it's specs. While other brands wait a year between tablet releases these no-name brands are able to release whenever they like. So while we are not going to be hearing… Read More

Best Tablet Under 100 April 2015 HP STREAM 7

HP Stream 7

This tablet is a little different than the ones we have reviewed in the past as it is the first one that runs full windows. This is a big advantage over the standard android tablets due to its ability to run full windows apps instead of being limited to just mobile friendly apps. VIEW ON… Read More

Dell Venue 7

Normally I don't bother with name brand tablets like the Dell Venue. However this one has recently been discounted enough to be listed on this site and it also has processing power to compete with the likes of the Toshiba Excite Go. What really sets this tablet apart is the screen and the warranty. VIEW… Read More

Toshiba Excite Go (AT7-C8)

The Toshiba Excite Go is a powerful tablet that falls well under the $100 price mark for this website. VIEW ON AMAZON This tablet is a direct competitor with the Asus Memo Pad 7 and it has very similar specs. However there are a few areas where it has an advantage. One of which is… Read More


Here we have an ASUS tablet for under $100. This is HUGE! ASUS is my personal favorite brand so the fact that they got their MeMO pad to such a low price range is fantastic. VIEW ON AMAZON Users are reporting that the tablet has incredible performance. With a 1.2GHZ dual core processor I'm not… Read More

Best Tablet Under 100 Dragon Touch 3

Dragon Touch Quad Core Tablet

Amazon is currently offering a deal on their Dragon Touch Quad Core tablet. I've never seen a tablet of this quality for such a low price and I don't expect the deal to last too long. VIEW ON AMAZON Battery life is great on this device with easily a full day of use per charge. Speakers… Read More